Your life and that of the whole universe, are in the hands of a magical and ancient manuscript.

Find out more and help us save the world!

Animal warriors, magical plants, potions and more will be the most incredible adventure companions ever .. time is limited run if you want to survive!

if you want to enter our incredible universe populated by strange monsters and warriors thirsty for vengeance, then you are in the right place, look at our trailer and enjoy what is waiting for you

will you be brave enough?

Who are we and what do we do?


A group of friends and professionals joined by one passion the world of games


Every day we dedicate our time to improving and making our titles more enjoyable

Hours of fun

Our latest project took over 40 hours of work just to decipher the name of the game.


The field test highlighted the painfulness and splendid playability of Pain Pages.

Contact & Credits

To create something so important you have to have the best workgroup, ready to solve at any time even the smallest imprint, and we are! experienced industry professionals and great board game lovers.

Creative Direction
Game Development
Art Director
Graphic design
Marco Lena - Salvatore Leone - Massimiliano Amenta
Marco Lena - Salvatore Leone - Massimiliano Amenta
Salvatore Leone - Marco Lena - Arsi Gianluca
Arsi Gianluca

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